Octomom masturbation video


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I guess Nadya Suleman aka Octomom is broke, which is the reason she has released this masturbation video. When I first heard about the tape, I was slightly disappointed. I was hoping for something more interesting than solo masturbation. Maybe some girl girl, or perhaps a gangbang with bukkake finale, something really fucked and crazy to match her somewhat wacko personality. But when I visited Octomom’s site and checked out her body, I found she wasn’t completely repugnant after all. She has a good figure and some big breasts. I could definitely titty fuck her. Her pussy looks surprisingly tight as well. So the masturbation movie actually turned out quite well. Anyway, it’s worth a look, even if only so you can say you watched the Octomom porno. Price is less than 15 bucks, so it’s hardly gonna break the bank. Just think of it as charity. You’re helping to put her 50 kids through college! Bless your heart!
octomom plays with dildo

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